Thursday, May 20, 2010

20 Minutes and No Church

So, my surgeon had a lot of instructions when I left the hospital.

One of them was "No dangling your leg below heart level for any longer than 20 minutes in any rolling two hour period." I have been being very careful to follow this one. I've also been being very careful not to let myself put any weight on it at all (another of his instructions).

There was another instruction, that I have chosen to blatantly ignore. He doesn't want me going to church, as that is just too much time with my leg not sufficiently elevated. He obviously doesn't know me that well, nor does he know my church. You see, I went. We propped my leg up as high as we could, I guarantee it was fine, and all was well. I saw my church family. They are family. REAL family.

And I have a post I really need to write. Pertaining to tonight's service and the notes I took. However, for now, I have to go. I have taken my night meds and I am totally out of it right now.

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