Friday, May 21, 2010

Really Short.

So tonight's post is going to be really short. I want to write about connections - and will do so soon. I also want to finish out my series on the love of God.

But right now, I am under the influence of some strong medication, and do not want to risk posting something crazy, so I'll stick to just a general update. My leg is healing - during the dressing change on Thursday, we saw PINK SKIN underneath the sewn-on dressing. Actually, it's stapled on. But whatever. The doc has sewn a dressing over the donor site, some yellow mesh-type stuff. And over the graft site, he stapled some sort of peforated clear stuff that reminds me of plastic. It's great, because it means that dressing changes aren't ripping away newly grown in and healthy tissue.

As for pain, it comes in spurts. Tonight, there's lots of it. Last night, there wasn't. When it gets really sore, my entire leg gets covered in goosebumps, but no other body parts do. It's wierd. I still have a gigantic dressing/cast - a half cast wrapped on with large quantities of cotton batting to keep things soft and comfy. Still allowed only 20 minutes below waist level every two hours. Still no weight bearing or moving the joints above or below the graft. Starting to itch something fierce, meaning healing is definitely underway (as if the PINK SKIN underneath the dressing wasn't enough).

Saw the fertility doc yesterday. No, we're not doing treatments right now. Yes, we're looking at surgery again to address some adhesions. Yes, we will evenetually try another round of treatment. Yes, we're aware that now is not the best time to do so. So's the doc. We're all on the same page.
Yesterday, I ALSO saw my counselor. Have I mentioned that he is literally an answer to prayer? A God-fearing, God-LOVING, experienced therapist who knows what I need and how to get me there. It's one of those things that has been making a huge difference in my journey toward "healthy and whole."
For tonight, that's all folks.

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