Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me Monday. Finally.

So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home, by myself and my husband. MckMama is one of those rare people who lets herself be seen by others. She lets us see her as she follows Christ - flaws and all.
Each week, MckMama hosts a blogfest called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is, in a nutshell, a no-cost-involved self-therapy program designed for people like me. It gives those who participate full license to disclose all of those details that we usually keep carefully hidden. It also allows us (the participants) to read about all of the things that other people definitely did *NOT* do this past week.

So here are my "Not Me Monday's." Be sure to head on over to MckMama's Blog to check out more, that are probably more entertaining than mine could ever be.
  1. I did not, in one night, dream about becoming a parent. Three times. By three different means. Not me. Because the fact that we're not trying is obviously proof that I no longer want it. Right? And if I did have the forementioned dreams, it wouldn't have gotten me curious enough to, ahem, deposite a sample in a cup and dip a stick. But if all that were true, the stick would have had one lonely pink line. Which means no baby.
  2. I did not get hired by a particular cellular service company. Neither did my husband. I am not seriously planning to spend nearly every waking moment in the presence of said husband. And I am not excited. Nope. Not I.
  3. I am not starting this post very early and scheduling it to automatically post. Because I did not actually forget that it was Monday. Two weeks in a row. Nuh uh. I never forget things.
  4. I didn't lose the charger for my camera battery. Nope. We just ordered a new charger for fun. Because we like to spend money on things we don't need or even particularly want. And if I did lose the charger, I wouldn't have pouted and beat myself up over it for hours. Until my husband basically said "knock it off and order a new one already." No. Not me.
  5. I did not have to turn off my headset while doing camera at church. Because the department coordinator didn't say something in a completely serious tone of voice, in order to help one of the other camera operators. And that something did not strike me as hilarious. Nuh uh. I never laugh at inappropriate times.
  6. I did not thoroughly enjoy my ride to church tonight. With an amazing, sweet woman named Mary. Mary and her husband Harlyn, and their daughters Amanda and Abi, were hugely instrumental in seeing me come to a true walk with God. They brought me into their family. To their church. And then to the church that I call home today. They stood with me as God did a miraculous, marvelous thing in me. You might have "heard" something about them here before.

    I also did not spill a little something to her that I've been wanting someone to know. Because I just got tired of bottling it up.
  7. It is not entirely possible that I will once again forget that Monday, is Monday. I am not hoping that this auto-post will jar my memory. Because I have not been even a little scatter brained lately.

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Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

Good luck with TTC - I remember getting those dreams and thinking they had to be a sign only to see it was just a sign that I was all too consumed with TTC! :)

And I know today is Tuesday... I am just a little behind.