Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moments of Peace.

I'm sitting here on a couch cushion on the floor (so I can reach the computer more easily as it's on a wire milk crate), wrapped in a blanket along with the space heater. I'm warm. I'm happy. I'm safe. Outside, the dark green of our pine trees stands out in the falling snow. There are perfect little "microdrifts" on each branch, and large fluffly flakes slowly dropping between the branches and my window.

I'm taking a break right now from writing out some more "In Him" verses (more on that some other time). Why? Because I just wanted to share this tiny moment of peace with you.

Sometimes, the world can be a tough place to live in. Sometimes, pain can feel like it's closing in like a curtain. Sometimes, it's hard to see what will be in two hours, never mind tomorrow or next week. But in the middle of that, if we'll just let Him, God will speak peace. He'll still our hearts. Quiet our minds. And gently remind us that He is here. He is holy. And He loves us.

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