Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not Me Monday - 3rd Edition

I frequent MckMama's blog. MckMama has been the source of much laughter in my home. All I have to do to get my husband laughing is walk in the room and say "So, MckMama..." and he's gone. I don't think I'd even need to follow it up. He says the name is what does it. Regardless, I read her blog. You might enjoy doing so, too.

So, MckMama is hosting this thing called "Not Me Monday." In this thing, participants make a list of those things which they most certainly did NOT do this past week. Those things that nobody does, and even if they did... they'd never share.
1) I did not set my alarm and then forget to actually turn it on. And then sleep until noon. Nope. I don't like sleeping that much.

2) I did not just laugh hysterically as my kitten sat on my husband's face. And if that had happened, I certainly wouldn't have neglected to help him remove her. Nope. I also wouldn't threaten to put her back and take a picture. Nuh-uh. No way.

3) I would never forget about a half gallon of milk hidden in the fridge. And if I did, I certainly wouldn't miss the fact that the jug was slowly expanding. And even if all of that happened, I DEFINATELY wouldn't neglect to notice it until the jug ruptured. Nope. Not me. That is TOTALLY disgusting.

4) This week, I did not get myself into a t.v. show that is really just not that good. Because I do not have friends that would recommend shows that might be strangely addictive. And even if those things were true, I wouldn't take advantage of watching TV on-line for free.

5) I did not hit my hand and arm with a hammer no fewer than 15 times before it occured to me to hold the parts I was securing differently. Because that would mean I was ridiculously stubborn.

6) I would never spend thirty minutes driving with hands that were nearly black with... whatever it is that gets on hands when working with aluminum. I'd imagine, it's aluminum. :) And if I did that, I certainly wouldn't forget to scrub them clean before eating something...

This week hasn't held very many "did not" moments for me. Or if it has, I don't remember them. I guess that's what working crazy hard does to a person.

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Weeksie50 said...

fun Isn't it funny what pictures we take just to use in our blogs..

Jennifer said...

Great pic, and I've not done the same thing with the alarm except set it for pm instead of am!

Ashley said...

Love the milk! I would never leave milk in my kids cups in the fridge until the milk comes out in solid form... no way! not ever!!