Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday - 2nd Edition

I frequent MckMama's blog. MckMama has been the source of much laughter in my home. All I have to do to get my husband laughing is walk in the room and say "So, MckMama..." and he's gone. I don't think I'd even need to follow it up. He says the name is what does it. Regardless, I read her blog. You might enjoy doing so, too.

So, MckMama is hosting this thing called "Not Me Monday." In this thing, participants make a list of those things which they most certainly did NOT do this past week. Those things that nobody does, and even if they did... they'd never share.

1) I most certainly did not just employ my 4 month old kitten to lick up the melted butter that I spilled on the floor, rather than using paper towel. But if I did, I would have used dish soap and water after the cat licked most of it up.
2) I did not drop a pen under my desk and then break my keyboard tray in my effort to retrieve it. And if that did happen, I wouldn't have scrambled around and wound up using a pliers and just the removable head from a ratchet screwdriver to fix it. At 1:30 AM. Nope. No way.

3) I did not, and would not ever, and have never before, stay up three hours past the "sleepy" point in order to watch episodes of my favorite t.v. show - that I've seen several times already. Nope, not me.
4) I did not dig and dig a year ago until I found a place online where I can watch my shows for free as often as I want, because someone needs to pay for these things so they can keep making them.
5) I did not nearly chicken out after spending more than $50 on a gift for my dad, and choose not to give it to him. But if I had, my husband saying, "It even made me cry when I was looking through it" would have persuaded me that it wasn't as cheesy as I thought.
6) I did not knowingly drive somewhere between 120 and 140 miles with a dying alternator. I did not deliberately exercise denial, pretending that it must be just a bad battery. Nope. And I certainly did not hide the fact that we were being... foolish... from my husband. Uh-uh. But if I had done that, I would have used the knowledge that we'd always be within 30 minutes of a close friend or relative to reassure me (yes, they're that spread out).
7) And finally, I did not start this post last week on Monday afternoon, and schedule it to post early Monday morning. Because I do not actually care about looking lazy to my *many* readers. And I don't think that making this post automatically publish nice and early would help me in the quest to look ambitions. Nope, not I.
So what did you not do this week?

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Jennifer said...

Too funny! I absolutely would never do the same thing with my dog either!

Gayle said...

I employ the dogs often as a clean-up crew! Beats the heck out of bending over and potentially throwing my back out! :)