Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday - Courtesy of MckMama.

I frequent MckMama's blog. MckMama has been the source of much laughter in my home. All I have to do to get my husband laughing is walk in the room and say "So, MckMama..." and he's gone. I don't think I'd even need to follow it up. He says the name is what does it. Regardless, I read her blog. You might enjoy doing so, too.
So, MckMama is hosting this thing called "Not Me Monday." In this thing, participants make a list of those things which they most certainly did NOT do this past week. Those things that nobody does, and even if they did... they'd never share.
(**hint: the idea here is to write things that are, in fact, true. You get this hint one time though, so if you start reading next week, you don't get the hint**)
Here's mine.
1) I did not lay in bed last night for twenty minutes having visions of waffles with lots of sticky syrup. And after twenty minutes, I most certainly did not get up and make said waffles and eat them. That would be bad for my metabolism.
2) I did not decide that since I was in too much pain to move, I was certainly not moving enough to require showering and skip said shower three days in a row. Nope. Not me.
3) I did not stand and stare at my sleeping husband and laugh at how funny his face looks with a cpap on it. I wouldn't do that, and I certainly wouldn't tell anybody else about it. Although if I did do that, I'd feel compelled to share the fact that with the cpap, he sleeps so much better and already seems to be feeling better overall, after just a few short nights.
4) I absolutely do not waste time. And I also absolutely did not just spend 45 minutes watching grey's anatomy and reading other people's "Not Me Monday" posts.
5) I did not, on multiple occasions, hide the fact that I was in pain from my husband, and then get secretly annoyed when he didn't notice. I'm not that confusing.
6) I did not just spend 72 minutes pushing snooze on my alarm while wondering what the point was in getting up.
7) I did not, on multiple occasions, think "This would be great for 'Not Me Monday' and then promptly forget what 'this' was."

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Ashley said...

your #7...i did the same thing...several times :)