Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2. Or 3. Depends how you view it.

Had my surgery early Tuesday afternoon.

There were no complications. The doctor wasn't able to do as much reconstructing as he wanted, but that is okay. He got the skin graft in place, put the biggest splint/bandage on my leg that I have ever seen, and is very optimistic that the graft will take.

I'm hooked up to a hospital grade Slurpee now, which is a pity. I miss my little one.

This bed rest thing... there are people who do this for months at a time and they stay sane. I don't get that. I suppose maybe if I were actually miserable, it wouldn't be such a bad thing, but the truth is, they've got my pain under control and I feel pretty great.

Fortunately, they do supply us with laptops to use. So I can tell you all in real time that I am doing well. Just ordered a late lunch (like 4 hours late - whoops). Will be taking a nap sometime shortly thereafter, unless the pigeons outside provide me with adequate entertainment. We shall see...

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