Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real Post

So, this is really me, in real-time. Not much to report... just stuck here in bed until Sunday. I can get up (with someone holding my leg so it stays above my hips) to go to the bathroom, and that's about it. trying to stay occupied.

Surgery went well, no arterial graft or rpair as he couldn't locate anything to really work with. Muscle fixed/reconstructed, skin graft in place. Giant (I mean GIANT) dressing and a half-cast (splint) that goes from my toes to half way up my thigh.

Struggling big time with some emotional things. My psychiatrist came in today to talk about that, which was good. Doing a bit of changing with my meds.

I have 2 funtional iv ports, wich rocks.

And now I have company. So goof bye.

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