Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Furbis. The Epitome.

Do you have pets? Cats? Dogs? Hamsters? Fuzzy things in the back of your fridge that used to be food? Okay. Maybe not so much on the last one. But seriously.

I have a pet. Several, actually. But tonight, I'm just referring to one.

This one pet is, concisely summed up, "the epitome of catness." And oh, how I love my cat. He's my boy cat. My only boy cat. All of our other cats are girls. And they're all smaller. Furbis is somewhere between 15 and 17 pounds. He's as long as my body. He's a solid mass of muscle covered with long fur. He never gets hairballs.

He cuddles. Amazing, sweet, intense cuddles. Arms around my neck, face pressed against mine, vibrating so hard I can almost feel it in my feet. He talks, too. So very many sounds. I never knew a cat could make so many sounds.

He also comes when he's called. Runs to the door when it opens. Chews on things. When he relaxes, he does so by finding a big open space and sprawling out. Upside down. In those ways, he's very... dog like.

Here's some pictures of my epitome. And by the way... my beloved husband is the one who told me to write about him. Since I am distinctly lacking inspiration lately.

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