Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

"So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home, by myself and my husband. MckMama is one of those rare people who lets herself be seen by others. She lets us see her as she follows Christ - flaws and all.
Each week, MckMama hosts a blogfest called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is, in a nutshell, a no-cost-involved self-therapy program designed for people like me. It gives those who participate full license to disclose all of those details that we usually keep carefully hidden. It also allows us (the participants) to read about all of the things that other people definitely did *NOT* do this past week.
So here are my "Not Me Monday's." Be sure to head on over to MckMama's Blog to check out more, that are probably more entertaining than mine could ever be.
  1. I did not just post something saying I would not be doing a Not Me Monday post. Because if I had done that, I wouldn't have changed my mind already about doing it. Because that's just silly. I don't change my mind that often.
  2. On Wednesday night last week, we did not throw a cup of warm water out the door, into the air. The vast majority of it did not evaporate in mid-air. It was not that cold here. No.
  3. Our heater has not been running too much. And it is not too dry in our house. My skin is not so itchy it makes it hard to sleep, and we do not get zapped every time we try to pet our cats. And I am not too lazy to go dig our humidifier out of storage and set it up in our house.
  4. I did not accidentally nap for three hours this afternoon. And if I had, I certainly wouldn't be disappointingly awake right now. As in, I'm terribly alert. And it's bed time. But that isn't me, because I am never up too late. Never. And I always get plenty of sleep.
  5. The dishsoap I wrote about earlier this week is not nearly frozen again. But even if it was, it actually did go back to an almost normal color yesterday. And that is something, right?
  6. My husband has at no point gotten me addicted to spreadsheets. As in complex ones. As in ones that will do even more than some interactive software I've used. And I am not currently converting the DSM-IV into a spreadsheet. That actually does the diagnosing for you. Because I have no need for that, and I'm not dorky enough to like that sort of thing enough to do it for no good reason.
  7. I am not making a pathetic valiant effort to "do facebook." Because of one "friend request." And I'm not finding that I'm not a big fan.
  8. This week's "Not Me Monday" post is not pathetic. Because I didn't wait until 10:45 on Sunday night to start it. No. Not me. I'm the obsessive-early-starter person from last week, remember?

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1 comment:

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

uh, oh- you've been bitten by the Facebook bug- it is addictive! Yet good for those nights that you are terribly alert ;p