Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not So Unique, After All.

Have you ever been in church and been completely convinced that the Pastor has been secretly reading your mind? I have. Lots of times. So far, there hasn't been a single instance where he was reading my mind. Come to think of it, out of all of those times, I can only think of ONE where he actually WAS talking specifically to me.

Lately, there has been a specific something that I've been struggling with. And not a little. Enough to go to my Pastor and ask him for help. And he has been helping.

Stay with me here - there's something I should explain. At our church, for several months now, we' ve been doing a series on "Practical Christian Living." For this series, our Pastor has been using scripture to answer questions we (the members of the church) might have about daily life. Questions ranging from child-rearing to marriage to being single to owning pets. And more. Anything we ask, he answers. Even if his answer is "the Bible doesn't specifically address it." If he has no idea, he admits it and then works to find the answer.

Tonight, Pastor stood up and started reading a letter. I will tell you right now, I absolutely did not write the letter. And the letter was not written on my behalf. But you can bet my cheeks were all sorts of red when he gave just some vague background information, that just happens to match my life. And then he read the letter. It was the questions I have asked. The fears I've expressed. Only... I never asked those questions or expressed those fears to him. It couldn't have been more me if it had been me. Well, actually, I suppose it could have been, but... you get the idea.

His answer was a blessing. It was just as applicable to me personally as if he and my husband and I were sitting in a room alone for a private counseling session. So tonight, it was brought home to me once again how important it is for us to be in a good church, with a good Pastor.

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