Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me Monday

"So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home, by myself and my husband. MckMama is one of those rare people who lets herself be seen by others. She lets us see her as she follows Christ - flaws and all.
Each week, MckMama hosts a blogfest called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is, in a nutshell, a no-cost-involved self-therapy program designed for people like me. It gives those who participate full license to disclose all of those details that we usually keep carefully hidden. It also allows us (the participants) to read about all of the things that other people definitely did NOT do this past week.
So here are my "Not Me Monday's." Be sure to head on over to MckMama's Blog to check out more, that are probably more entertaining than mine could ever be.
  1. We do not have way too many bats in our house. There are not two separate incidents which prove this to be true. If we did and there were, though, I would describe them as follows:
    I was almost asleep, in our dark, quiet bedroom. I feel a soft "thump" on my knee, through the blankets. I turn on the lamp, and look down to see a very startled bat who apparently didn't expect there to suddenly be light. When the bat started to squeak in defense, I didn't grumpily say, "Not so loud, okay?" And then turn the light back off. And then, almost twenty minutes later, realize what I had just done. And realize that the bat was now hanging out on the computer monitor, ready to sleep till the next night.
    Incident number two is related to incident number one. I did not come downstairs just one night ago to find all four cats laying lazily in a heap in the living room. They were not all lazily watching a bat fly in circles. They are not so used to bats that they now neglect to pursue them.

  2. I am not praying for a surplus of slave labor volunteers to help us drywall next weekend, even though I will be laying in bed too drugged up to function because I'm having surgery. Because I am not getting a little disturbed by the fact that I am actually getting used to bats living in my house with me.

    *Just so you know, I am aware that bats pose a health hazard and are generally disturbing to most people. However, this is a temporary situation which will soon be remedied and I am trying to make the best of it. Because when all is said and done, my husband and I are actually quite blessed.

  3. I am not going to complain about winter this year. Because I am not going to set myself up to be all depressed about the fact that where I live, winter seems to last twice as long as summer. Wait... that actually IS true... whoops!

  4. At the beginning of this week, I did not realize with a sinking feeling that I had used my own "logic" and "reasoning ability" to directly disobey my Pastor. After I asked him to tell me what I should do. But if I had done that, I would have gone to him after church to tell him I had finally realized that I'd asked him for help and then disregarded the help he gave, and apologized.

  5. I was not ecstatic to when I found out what our energy bill is, even though our house isn't done, and it's not fully insulated yet, and we don't have the drywall all up, and the heating system is having to work way more than it should because our duct work isn't complete. Because it isn't already only 25% of what our average bill was in our apartment.

  6. I did not just go to a Christmas party with my husband and his coworkers, and spend the majority of the time trying to acquire as many puppy-kisses as possible. Because I do not actually feel more comfortable with strange dogs than with semi-familiar people. Nope, not me.

  7. I so totally did not install a hit-counter in the background of this blog. And since then, I DEFINITELY have not been checking every day trying to figure out if there is anyone who regularly reads this. But even if I had, I wouldn't reveal my findings here. ;)

  8. My "little" uncle is not coming to be with me when I have surgery. And he's not coming back next week to take care of me while my husband works. And I'm not excited about that. Because I don't like him. Nope, not me.

  9. I do not have posts scheduled for the next week, in an effort to encourage *all* of my readers to keep coming back. I'm not that... um... weird? Obsessive? Hmm....

  10. I am not off to stalk MckMama's blog in an attempt to be in the top five for this week's "Not Me Monday" festival.
**Just a note** The uncle I mentioned? His name is Michael. He is a young man that I am proud to know. Proud to be related to. And I love him very much, and I thank God for the opportunity to know him.

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Rachel E. said...

Bats in the house! Wow, I thought we had it bad here in Hawaii with geckos and spiders and ants and roaches all year round. Bats are in another category entirely!

Kimber said...

Good luck with surgery and with getting rid of your bat problem. Happy NMM!

Keyona said...

We are all MckMama stalkers...join the club. :o)

Amanda said...

We had a bat that lived in the umbrella on our patio once. At first I thought it was cute...took pictures... all that jazz... then people started screaming things at me like, "Rabies! Infestation! You'll never get rid of them!" And I had to send the bat away.

What are you going in for surgery for? I might be able to help...

God bless-

Following HIM said...

Bats in the house...not sure how I would handle that. I had a rat, yes rat, scurry across my floor on Sat and I nearly hit the roof. Hang in there and hopefully stay warm :)

Sparkette said...

Good luck with your surgery! Have a great week! Good luck with the labor :)