Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Me Monday - 5th Edition

"So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home. Mostly by me. Or... maybe it's only uttered by me? Hmmm... regardless. MckMama is currently serving as the primary place of residence for one youngster affectionately known as MckMuffin. Or, in the real world, Stellan. Stellan is living proof that miracles do indeed happen. The fact that his heart is still beating today, is a miracle. The fact that his mom, dad, sister, and brothers have not had to say "good-bye" to him is a miracle.
Stellan's mom, "MckMama," hosts a blog carnival. It is called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is a great way to be real, honest, and open with strangers from all over the world. I invite you to read mine, and read MckMama's. On her blog, you'll find links to all sorts of Not Me Monday participants. I think you'll enjoy it. I know I sure have.

  1. I did not miss the fact that yesterday was monday. And forget to do my not me monday post because of it. Nope.
  2. I did not sleep from 7:30 PM last night until 12:30 PM today. Because I would never let myself push until I was that tired and drained. Never. That's not healthy, you know.
  3. I am not struggling for items for this post. My life is totally entertaining and I certainly do not lack interesting tidbits to share with the world.

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