Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MckMama gives birth to one small MckMuffin.

So MckMama... is currently witnessing direct, physical manifestation of the miracle working power of our God. Our Holy, Mighty, Infinate God. To briefly summarize - many weeks ago, MckMama and Prince Charming were told their unborn son would die. Not in the distant future, but then. Within a day or two, definately not long at all. Because his heart was not working correctly. It was enlarged. The rhythm was wrong. Too fast. Not responsive enough. Lots of issues. He had hydrops, which means that either because of or in addition to the heart problems, there was fluid around his organs. This little one was fondly nicknamed MckMuffin. For the sake of those praying, his name was shared. Stellan. A lot of people have been praying for baby Stellan. Stellan didn't die. Stellan lived. The hydrops diminished. Disappeared. The heart seemed to not be doing well. MckMama was put on lots of medication. This medication made MckMama sick. May or may not have made Stellan live. Not long ago, MckMama's doctors made the difficult decision to take her (and baby Stellan) off the medication, as it was a danger to her health. Doctors were not sure if Stellan could handle the removal of this medication. He did.

Today, Stellan made his grand entrance. And grand it is. He's having some pretty minor issues, that are being observed. But over all, he is an amazing, beautiful, breathing, miracle. And he is living. Living. Doctors said dying. Predicted death. And yet, he lives. Join me in praising God for this miracle. And thanking God for a beautiful, living, breathing miracle. Named Stellan.

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