Saturday, August 2, 2008


Here is an exerpt from my own, personal journal that I keep:

I think that one of the things I appreciate most about my husband is how safe he is. He's predictable. He's stable (well, usually. We all have our moments). I love the safe feeling I have when I'm in his arms. I love how he can reach around me and totally envelop me. I like that he's much larger than I. I like how well I fit there in his arms. I like that he's strong.

There's a similar appreciation with my Pastor. He's always appropriate. It's safe to be around him. And when I most need to feel protected and safe, he's there. There's a fatherly way about his hugs... even though they're always done to the side (with the exception of when Gramma was killed), there's strength, love, and protectiveness conveyed. A certain way of gently pulling the person's head towards his shoulder. It's good.

I'm blessed to have these men in my life. Good men. Godly men. Men who love me. Men who protect me.

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