Friday, May 24, 2013

I'll be real honest with all of you.  In the last 45 days. 30 of them have involved prescription treatment for migraine headache.  when I get a migraine, it starts behind my right eye, wraps around my forehead and back into my temple.  it pulses and throbs and burns like you wouldn't believe, making me vomit from the pain alone.  then the light and sound sensitivity  and motion sickness kick in and the visual disturbances.  If I blessed, a dose of imitrex followed by a quiet, motionless nap    for about eight hours reduces the attack.  If not.... then I get to wait overnight before I can try again.

I have never experienced this type of intractable migraine.  I am applying for medical leave from work while my doctors and I sort things out.

please pray,

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