Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prayer Request

My daddy cut his finger today, really badly.  He cut almost entirely through his extensor tendon.  He's waiting now to see the doctor for titches and surgical evaluation - not sure yet if he'll be able to just get stitched up or if he's going to need surgery to repair thing.


Dad's home from the clinic with plenty of stitches in.  He's not in a splint or cast right now; enough of the tendon is intact to not need that.  He's nervous about possible infection or lingering pain, so if you could pry specifically about that, I'd appreciate it a lot.

***update again***

Dad's finger is feeling plenty stiff but otherwise is okay.  He's not liking having to be careful not to muck up the sutures, but that's just expected and par for the course.  He is healing well.  Thank you for praying everyone.

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