Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Things.

First, Lizzie asked who died on the 28th... and I'm not sure what she's referring to?  Lizzie, if you read this and would leave a comment as to why you asked that, I'd be happy to answer.
Second... a leg update.
It hurts.  The tibial plateau (or at least the soft tissue over it) is very inflamed.  And red.  And brown.  And purple.  And bruised.  And there is a bruising all the way up and down my tibia.  It hurts like you wouldn't believe to walk on it.  Which makes no sense, because there's no infection.  No internal damage.  Unless the infection was there before... which I had been wondering about.

Today, my friend called my doctor, to inform him (the doctor) that my leg was really sore and swollen and red and warm.  The doctor gave me a serious lecture about going to the emergency room right away.  Because my leg cannot be messed around with.  At all.  Can't take that kind of risk.  Apparently, it's still... "fragile" and isn't remotely healed enough to be able to handle any further damage.  Or something.  I grudgingly concluded the phone call with "Yes, sir" in response to his demands that I go to the ER "right away" and not wait even an hour.

And then my friend approached with a very well known (and very excellent) surgeon in tow.  He (the surgeon) just happens to be a black belt where I take martial arts.  He checked my leg.  His expert diagnosis?  "That looks like it hurts."  Ya think?!  He proceeded to say that it's an inflammatory response that is sort of creating a negative loop - more inflammation, irritates the tissues that were previously infected and irritated (i.e. muscle compartments, periosteum on my tibia, venous structures, lymphatics... which causes more swelling and more irritation. 

He also said it was an exceptionally beautiful graft, and insisted I tell him the name of the surgeon who did it.  And then he said it looked like a shark bite.  Totally un-prompted, I promise.
That's funny.  Because when nosy people who I don't know ask what happened, I say "Shark bite."  And then they say "Really?"  And I smile and say "What do you think?"  I make it pretty clear with my tone that it's not really a shark bite, but that I also won't entertain any further questions.
We're attempting to install a motion alarm in our stairway and door alarms on our doors.  Right now.  It's 11:00 PM.  It's not going well. 
I wish it was Sunday.  On Sunday, my Pastor is taking part of the service to answer some very important questions for us.  I think we might get rebuked a little bit, but I really want and need to know the answers, so it's all good.
I'm rambling.  Because I'm tired.  And the hydroxyzine has kicked in.  Which means it's time for the Ambien and the lorazapam.  Yes... that's three meds.  As opposed to four.  And we're looking to wean off the lorazapam within the next month or two.

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