Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, this is unrelated to stuff I usually post about.

I made a choice months ago, that if a particular opportunity fell through... I was all done fighting for it. 

It fell through.

It isn't God's will or plan.  It isn't best.  It isn't something that time will fix.

And it isn't something that can be ignored for a while and then readdressed.

This was the last chance.

And now it's gone. 

I am numb, partly.  And torn to shreds, partly.

So if you would be willing to pray for me... that would be good.  Part of me says "No, don't give up."  But part of me says "Enough is enough.  No more money, no more pain, no more broken hearts."

And the second part is louder than the first.

So if you see me red eyed, don't be shocked.  I've got a good reason to cry, a good reason to be angry.  Don't try to fix it with words.  Just let it go.

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