Friday, September 16, 2011

NICIAW - DID, PTSD, Depression, Diabetes, Asthma, PCOS, NCAH

G didn't fill out a survey, but did share the following:

I previously suffered from DID, PTSD, and Depression. I have no current mental diagnosis, but I will NEVER be totally "over it." My physical challenges are visual impairment, diabetes, asthma, and PCOS (but I suspect the PCOS was a misdiagnosis and I may really have NCAH-- "invisible intersex"-- but I have no way to find out because I have no job and therefore no access to medical care.)

I'm not disabled enough to receive any kind of assistance but not able enough to receive unemployment (because I left my last job due to disability.) I am scratching out a living doing the only thing I can do with the resources available to me: sell my books. I made $60 last month. The toughest thing to live with about having a disability is being POOR.

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