Friday, February 18, 2011

Chronology of an Owie

In pictures, here is what my hand has done over the last three weeks.  This is all the result of having blood drawn from one of the veins in my hand for a routine test.  It formed a clot and for whatever reason, the clot didn't dissolve.  Over time, the bacteria introduced by the blood draw multiplied and formed an abcess inside the vein.  They then spread to surrounding tissue, including my skin.  Officially, it is septic thrombophlebitis.  The two pictures that are NOT of my hand mark the start of each hospitalization.  One showing the three IV bags and PCA meds I had, one showing the goofiness of my doctor and his and my mutual friend. 

The pictures are low quality because they are all from my cell phone.

This post is brought to you in response to some requests I've gotten.

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Sarah said...

What's this?
Is it an allergy or what?