Sunday, January 23, 2011


So these are low-quality pictures off my cell phone.  Sorry for that.  But here's the deal:

December 17th, I had my blood drawn for a simple test.  They only needed ONE tube.  They stuck me a LOT of times in my left hand, and then a lot of times in the right, before they met with success.

Three days later, my left hand had bruised and swelled and looked like this:

After about a week, it looked like this:

Then it almost disappeared, and then came back and got red and hot, and about the second week of this month, I ended up in the emergency room (because urgent care wouldn't see me... grr...) for antibiotics.  After 7 days, it was better and looked like this again:

24 hours after my last dose of antibiotics, I got what I thought was the flu.  As in, not a cold, but influenza.  Super achy, headache, throat was kind of sore, and I had a nasty fever (103+).  Still have that, by the way.  After a day in bed, I noticed my hand getting more painful.  Friday, over the course of 8 hours, it went from looking pretty decent to looking like this:

I know this isn't my typical post.  But I'm asking, will you pray?  This is exactly, EXACTLY, how things were initially with my leg last year.  I'm back on antibiotics (was on cepholexin last week, this week I'm on cephadroxil; not sure what the difference is, if any).  I feel a tiny bit better today, almost 48 hours after starting this new course of antibiotics (plus the loading dose I got in the ER) and it's supposed to be "a lot better" within three days.  I can NOT go through the surgeries and the wound vacs and hospital stays and skin grafts and all of that again.  I WILL not.  My God IS bigger and better than all this. 

I see the wound clinic (staffed by surgeons and infectious disease docs) tomorrow since the infection recurred so promptly, and also since it's the second significant infection I've had in less than a year.

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