Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RAW(e) - 2(6)

On this planet lives an amazing woman named Sami.  Her blog is one of the handful that I actually take time to read.  Her photographs make me smile, and laugh, and sometimes cry.

ANYWAY... she hosts a fun little photography thing called RAW(e).  I'm participating this week.  The challenge?  Go into the 2nd folder of pictures on your computer, and use the sixth picture.  The rule?  NO EDITING.  I broke the rule (but only a little) by shrinking the picture.  But that's it. 

Here is picture number 6, unedited (except for resizing), from my 2nd folder of unedited pictures (if I count the folder that contains exclusively edited shots, it's actually folder number three).  Too many words?  Probably.  Either way, use this link to head over to Sami's blog and enter the RAW(e) contest yourself.  If you don't want to enter, you should at least look at the pictures she posted today of her VERY cute daughter.

And without any more words, here is my 2(6) shot:

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1 comment:

Southern Mitzi said...

Nice to meet you!
Beautiful photo! I love Celtic crosses!!! LOVE your blog...stunning!

Coming via the Raw(3)2(6) blog...and plan on coming back again real soon!