Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Number 21.

There is someone I know.  Today, she turned 21.  Tonight, we sang "Happy Birthday" to her in church.  I was struck by that as we did...


The number has dictated so much in her life. 

Before she was even born... I don't know if the doctors knew how important the number would be for her.  But if they had, chances are really good they would have suggested that her mom choose to "terminate."  That's what they so often do when they know the number 21 will mean so much.  It is a sad reality that I have grown to truly hate.

I wonder if it was obvious to "outsiders" when she was born.  I know it wasn't hidden from the eyes of any observer who had seen this before - this important number 21.  But did others know, even then, what it would mean for her?  Did they know there was something different, something special about her?  Or were they looking with love and love alone?

As this precious child of God has grown in stature and knowledge, she has been an example to so many.  The number 21 plays into everything she does, everything she is.  It wouldn't have been at all unusual for that one number to have been so important, so all-consuming, that she went to be with Jesus well before her 21st birthday.  And yet... in spite of this number, she smiles.  All the time.  Just had surgery?  Sick?  Broken-hearted?  Doesn't matter - she smiles anyway.

We could learn from her.  Is there a number 21 in your life?  If there is... you have known what I was talking about all along.  If not... what is there?  What is in everything you do?  What colors your thoughts, your actions, your dreams?  What tries to hold you back, and what are you doing about it?

For those who are wondering how one number can be so important... or wondering why that number:  Have you heard the phrase "Down's Syndrome?"  The number 21 plays into this sweet girl's every cell.  All three copies of chromosome 21. Yes, three.

I'm probably just being a sap because I love my church and this girl... but the number 21 is a big deal to her today.  In so many ways.  And it's my blog and I will share what I want.

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Livocas said...

Hm, it is obvious why the number 21 is of such great importance for her. But you stated also that ANYONE who had the number 21 in any significant way in his life would be aware that it is greatly affecting him. I am an 18 year old male and my birthday is the 21. of December. Could you please enlighten me in which way this could or should have a significant meaning for my life and destiny? Well, apart from the fact that it is of course the winter solstice and thus the shortest day of the year. But I am not into Wicca or anything. So thanks in advance for enlightening me...