Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bad Slurpy and Bad Jenn

So, when I was given Slurpy, I was also given instructions as to the proper procedure if Slurpy stopped... well, slurping.

Step one, check for leaks. I checked for leaks. None found. Applied an extra layer of the plastic film that seals everything, just in case there really was a leak and I couldn't find it. Still no slurping.

Step two - change the canister on the machine, in case it's clogged and can't slurp. Considering the bacteria growing around the opening, that seemed pretty logical to me. Changed the canister and temporarily bumped the pressure to 200. Still extremely limited slurping.

Step three, is supposed to be take a new sponge and hose to the emergency room and have them reapply them. This is not a step I followed. It would cost $125. We have been told that in that case, we should be prepared for a mediocre dressing. One that may or may not hold up until the next appointment. SO....

I changed my own Slurpy sponge. Used lots of rubbing alcohol to make things sterile, was very careful to use plenty of DuoDerm to protect my skin. Made sure the hose has adequate contact with the sponge. Very carefully trimmed the sponge with clean hands and sterile (well, rubbing alcohol soaked) scissors. Very carefully secured the sponge so it wouldn't move when I put on the big sheets of plastic. Applied the sheets carefully, and then used more rubbing alcohol to clean the ends of the hose where it connects together.

And you know what? Slurpy is slurping along happily. The dressing looks GREAT, and since it's 11:00 on Saturday night, I think I can skip my Monday dressing change. I'll call Monday morning and ask. But... if they go for it, this will be the LAST dressing change for Slurpy that I am awake for. Well, I'll have Slurpy in the hospital, too, but it will be a different kind of foam that won't stick at all.

Only a couple things that concerned me. One is the amount of necrosis... the old spots have grown, there's some new ones, and there's a bunch under one edge of the wound. There's also a couple obvious bacterial colonies. Hopefully the antibiotics will take care of that, but if not, the surgeon said he can simply remove some of the flesh from underneath and it will be fine. Slurpy keeps things moving out, not burrowing in, so it's a little different than an actual "infection" of the wound would be. Otherwise, things looked good - lots of granulation tissue is growing, so my leg should hopefully not look too stupid once it's done healing.

And that's all for tonight folks.

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