Tuesday, April 13, 2010

News Flash: Kittens Triple in Size!

So the tiny kittens we were given to raise on formula have grown tremendously. They are now nearly three times the size they were when we got them. They are longer than the palm of my hand, even! It's remarkable how well they are doing.

They have even been named: Alibaster for the white one (Ali for short) and Mickey for the splotchy one. We're not sure why he looks like a Mickey (definitely isn't a resemblence to the mouse!) but... he does.

Sadly, no pictures right at the moment - have to feed them and then drive over to a nearby town to have my leg checked by the surgeon again. Fun and games, folks, fun and games. Or something along those lines.

Sorry to be so brief, but I really have to go.

Remember, you can always use the contact link on the left of the page - I check that email throughout the day and so far have been able to respond to everyone who's written.

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