Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Absent and Accounted For

After the surgeon saw my leg this morning (no pictures this time - suffice to say the hole is approximately 11x8 inches and definitely shows signs of infection - he said i need surgery asap.

I go in tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. He is concerned, and feels very, very badly for having not responded to my previous requests to do something more drastic as things were going rapidly south. But he has promised that I will keep my leg, and he has a plan set in motion to help me heal.

I will be staying in the hospital for a while - until he is completely satisfied that my leg is actually healing and is healthy. I don't know if that means a couple days or a couple weeks. Regardless, I have printed off a LOT of coloring pages, have packed my notebook, journal, Bible (most important thing to pack), and ways of coloring to keep me busy while I lay there in a hospital bed.

Your prayers and support are appreciated. I will have my phone, so will be able to update via twitter, so you can always watch my sidebar for updates.

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