Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weather Outside...

Is frightful. We don't have a fire inside, though... so that song doesn't apply here.


If I had to choose one way to describe myself, today, it would be resting. I am resting in the assurance that my salvation is a sure thing. Not by might or works or anything else I could do. But because of what He did for me. I am resting in the truth that I am loved. I am valued. I am protected.

Today, I am taking a step back. I still have a battle to wage. And I will keep fighting. But just for now, I'm declaring a cease-fire. I'm stepping into my fortress. I know I'll have to come back out and fight some more if I want to keep moving forward, but just for today... I am resting.

It's a lot like hiding inside our construction zone house watching ice fall from the sky. Outisde, it's not too cold, but it's nippy. It's windy. It's wet. It's slippery. A generally hostile environment. But not in here. In here, it's messy comfortably "lived in," warm, dry, and we can't even hear the sound of the wind. We've actually got the heat cranked about 10 degrees higher than normal, in case we lose power. The world outside, on this day anyway, can't get in. Just like me. I'm tucked away safely inside, and the world out there can't get in. Not today.

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