Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One of THOSE kinds of days...

Yesterday, that is.

Nothing bad happened, but neither was I feeling particularly inspired as I sat down to come up with a blog post. It was just... full. A full, exhausting day.

Today doesn't really see me in "the groove" either, but I wanted to share a little of my past with all of you.
For quite a few wonderful, sweet months, I had the privilege of loving and caring for an amazing little boy. I was his nanny. And loved it.
Here's just a glimpse of what I saw during that time:

He was usually happy and playful. He loved this big, yellow, fuzzy duck best of all. He was also, like many very young children, not at all inclined to hold still. Many of the pictures I took were like this one: With him technically in the shot, but at a strange and sometimes fun angle.

Sometimes, I'd notice him doing this... sucking on one corner of his lip and looking at something over there. This was often times followed by...

...this look. Whenever he shot me this look of pure innocence over his shoulder, I knew he was up to something he was not supposed to be doing.

When I'd bust him, he'd make this face at me. I was seriously expected to discipline and correct this child, without laughing at his naughtiness. Even though he had giant sparkly brown eyes and an obnoxiously cute fake pout.

Once he figured out that I was going to actually be serious for a moment and make him behave, he'd get mad. Somewhere, somehow, he picked up a goofy habit. Instead of screaming or crying, he'd take a deep breath and blow it out like this. And usually, I'd lose control and laugh, hard, at him maintain a serious face and teach him all the things he should and shouldn't do.

My absolute favorite time was nap time though. He was a snuggler. He'd crawl up in my lap, and lay his warm little head on my shoulder. His hand would creep up and wrap itself in my hair, and his little body would relax in my arms. Sometimes, I'd put him in his crib or playpen, and sometimes we'd lay down together on his futon, but usually, I'd just hold him and stare at the miracle he was.

And lastly, just for the fact that it's cute and it's funny, here are five pictures shot one right after the other. This is what would happen when I'd give the baby peas. He, in case you can not tell, definitely did not like them.

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hehehe!! awesome!