Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

"So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home. Mostly by me. Or... maybe it's only uttered by me? Hmmm... regardless. MckMama is currentlywitnessing the miraculous birth, life, and healing of one youngster affectionately known as MckMuffin. Or, in the real world, Stellan. Stellan is living proof that miracles do indeed happen. The fact that his heart is still beating today, is a miracle. The fact that his mom, dad, sister, and brothers have not had to say "good-bye" to him is a miracle.
Stellan's mom, "MckMama," hosts a blog carnival. It is called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is a great way to be real, honest, and open with strangers from all over the world. I invite you to read mine, and read MckMama's. On her blog, you'll find links to all sorts of Not Me Monday participants. I think you'll enjoy it. I know I sure have.
  1. On Friday the 21st, my husband and I actually did go to a friend's house to be lazy and relax and enjoy some good comp'ny. But, while we were there, I did not laugh so hard at the commentator on an Air Force One special that I cried. Hard. Not me. Because when a serious announcer says that the purpose of Air Force One is to allow the president to "Do his duty anywhere in the world, in safety," I certainly do not immediately find my mind on things related more to toilettes than running our nation. Not me. Nuh-uh.
  2. Looking at number one again - I certainly do not still chuckle every time I envision Air Force One. And that vision is not accompanied by the memory of what that non-existant announcer did not say. Nope.
  3. Because I nearly forgot last week's Not Me Monday post, I certainly did not start this at 1:45 AM on Monday the 24th. That would just be obsessive.
  4. I have not completely re-wired my brains biological clock so that my sleep cycle is about seven hours later than normal. Because that would mean I've made a habit of doing things at the "wrong" time. And it would mean I will have to actually do something about it if I want to be like "normal" people.
  5. I am not still up at 1:11 AM, not even trying to sleep. Because I know better than that. If I want to kick this insomnia thing, I need to go to sleep. And I don't ever do things I know I maybe shouldn't do. Nope. Not me.
  6. I am not reasonably confident that I just managed to kill the Mac. Again. Because I made fun of my husband for doing that very thing just this afternoon.
  7. I have not just verified that I really killed the Mac. Nope.
  8. I did not pout when Mr. Linky wasn't working on MckMama's blog. I did not deliberately post this at 12:00 AM just to be in the top 5. And I did not consider (briefly) taking it back down just because it wasn't as high as I wanted it.
  9. I am not about to go take a long, hot bath exclusively for the purpose of warming my freezing feet. It is 2:00 AM and I do NOT stay up till all hours unable to sleep. Although, I suppose I COULD use my sweet husband's back to warm my feet. I'm not sure he'd like that, though.
  10. I did not just consume 1/3 of a box of thin mints while soaking in that bath I didn't take.

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Amanda said...

I love it! Someone told me about the Air Force One "duty" thing. :D Maybe it was you and Derek. :D hehehe

Kimber said...

Hmmmm insomnia. I do NOT know what that's like, of course it's 4:30am here right now. Great NMM's

momstheword said...

I loved the part about warming your feet on your hubby's back, hehehehe! I usually wear socks but I like your idea better, lol!

Keyona said...

Just the mention of thin mints make me drool.