Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a Brief Update

Please don't stop praying for baby Stellan. He is definitely unwell. He has been diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). He is in the hospital, and doctors have told MckMama to expect that he'll be there for the next 8-10 days. That's a long time for such a little guy, and a long time for his momma too. She not only has Stellan to care for, but also her three children (slightly) older (young) children.

Last I read, Stellan is still holding his own without a ventilator (breathing machine). Doctors could decide at any minute, though, to put a tube in his throat and use a machine to assist his breathing.

The doctors have said there is no connection between what he is battling now and the heart block/heart failure and hydrops he had in utero. Having worked in a daycare, I can tell you that RSV certainly does have significant negative impact on many kids. Usually, the ones who have it the worst are the ones born prematurely or who have another illness which weakens their immune system - but not always. I've seen the healthiest, strongest baby in a class get sicker from it that the 12 pound seven month old who was born prematurely.

So, in conclusion: Stellan is a baby. He is a living, breathing miracle. And right now, he is fighting a dangerous infection. I believe it is God's will that he recover fully. I know things don't always happen according to God's will, but I believe that this time, they will. Will you stand with me in prayer on this? More importantly, will you stand (or kneel) before the God of Eternity on behalf of one tiny boy named Stellan? Pray that he be healed according to the perfect will of God. And pray for his family - this is a difficult and trying time for them, for sure.

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