Monday, November 24, 2008


***Amendment: After a mere 15 minutes of additional sleep, we have once again deposited a flying fur ball outside. Which begs the questions:
1) How many ARE there in here?
2) How did I get so blessed as to have a husband who can quickly and fearlessly capture and release these things less than a minute after being woken up?

So. It's 1:00 AM. In the last five days, I've had way too many surges of adrenaline. So has my husband. You see, we don't have drywall in the majority of our house right now. This means that as the bats are seeking winter refuge, they are coming in here. Not just our attic - although that IS where they are entering. If we had the upstairs finished, they'd stay in the attic and we'd be none the wiser. That's not true though. So... I feel like we're on a tape that just keeps repeating.

Today we dealt with another bat. Again. This one got stuck between a bucket holding tools and the nailer for the drywall that will eventually be going up. He (or she) was TICKED. REALLY, really ticked. To the point where, as we were trying to figure out how to capture it, it sort of shut down and gave up. We scared the poor, furry, brown thing that badly. My husband the bat capture master deftly deposited it into a Cool Whip container while I provided... um... moral support. There was no actual contact between bat and human, and the kids ... er... kitties... never figured out EXACTLY where it was, so they're safe too. We released the bat outside. And I marveled once again at the notion that an animal that is less than three inches from nose to tail can have wings that spread almost a foot. Just cool. And they really are cute, at least in my book. If only they didn't have the potential to carry rabies.

SO. Having had a middle-of-the-night adventure involving much too much adrenaline, again, I am awake. And planning to go downstairs, get some cereal, and take a nice hot bath.

By the way, I'll be scheduling surgery in the morning.

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