Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's The Day

Today, the Fed-Ex man didn't knock very loudly.  Or maybe I dosed off.  We're going to say it was his fault though, not mine.  So I didn't know he was here, and he left one of those wonderful tags hanging on my door.

The delivery?

Leuprolide.  It's the injectable medication I am starting to help (we hope) with the endometriosis.  So he couldn't just leave it.  So he took my medicine with him and left.

So I called the pharmaceutical company.  And they put me in touch with logistics for Fed-Ex.  And they put me in touch with their special group that handles the delivery of perishable medication.  And they called the Fed-Ex guy on the phone and told him to come back.

He did.  Six hours later.  And as I was signing, he smiled and said he had no idea what could be so important inside the box... after all how much could one medication cost someone?  Oh, if only you knew what you are so often delivering.

Anyway, I have been waiting and waiting for this stuff to arrive.

And after I opened it and gave myself the first dose... I realized something.  I have almost a full two week vial left from last year.  It expires 9/30.  So I can use it.  Duh.  Of course the stuff we just got now will be useful, since I'll be on this for at least two months.  But still.

And just like I remember, the shots don't hurt a bit, but they leave crazy red splotches on my belly as the medication disperses.  Anybody remember if I was premedicating with Benadryl last year?  I can't for the life of me remember if I was or not... Yeah.  Right.  I didn't share the IVF process here.  I forgot about that part.

And no, I am not currently in any stage of the IVF process.  I am genuinely using Leuprolide to hopefully suppress the endometriosis.

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