Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tiny Bit of Whining.

So, for a couple weeks now, my battery in my car has been going dead overnight.  It's a new battery.  It's a GOOD battery.  And my alternator is good.  But there is/was a short in the blower (fan) or possibly the heater control switch thingy (don't you just love my technical terminology here?).  Sometimes it would turn itself on AFTER I took the key out of the ignition.  Which was annoying, but I have one of this little plug-in jump start things.  So it was fine.

Well, tonight, the short 'fixed' itself.  My fan no longer works at all.  And with the fan function, I lost my heat.  I live in a cold, frozen land.  Well, it's cold and frozen now.  It'll thaw in two or three (or four) months. 

I don't WANT to pay someone to tear apart my dashboard to find the short.  If it's in the blower motor itself, that's fine.  That's cheap to buy a new one, and I could replace it myself.  But the blower motor is new.  The old one died this summer.  Which is why I suspect the short is elsewhere.  It probably fried the last motor, and has now fried this one.  And eats my battery. 

I suppose I could always plug a space-heater into the inverter while I drive, though that seems somehow unwise.  And yet... tempting.

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