Monday, August 30, 2010

Das Boot.

This is a leg update, just in case you want to quit reading now. 

It's been REALLY sore the last week or so - I think from nerves regenerating.  Or something.  I've been getting some spots of superficial sensation back, but the spatial awareness isn't there at all yet.  Tibial plateau is still very sore and bruises randomly (and often), but I haven't had a fever in over a month.  I've been working out and for the most part, tolerating it pretty well.  By working out I mean doing Martial Arts and pushing as I do.  But over all, in spite of the soreness, I feel like it's been doing really well.

Today, I put some things into a cave for a friend.  Heavy things.  That I was dragging in a big blue toy bucket with one hand, while I used the other hand to hold a rope and walk backwards down a VERY muddy incline.  A very steep, very muddy incline.  And then I climbed up for a second load.  And then climbed up to untie a rope to use down in the cave.  And then climbed out again.  And then built a fire (I'm an excellent fire builder).  At some point, either in dealing with the cave or in breaking up wood for the fire, there was an impact to the back edge of my graft.  It didn't hurt - I never felt it happen.  But now there's a nasty bruise underneath the graft, the muscle compartment is rock-hard, and the skin graft is split in a few places.

SO... I'll be backing off on the physical exercise for a week or two, and wearing BOOT again until the swelling goes down and the muscle softens back up.  It's frustrating, but... it will be okay.

**I am editing this to add a picture?  Why?  Because you guys asked for it.  I'll leave it small for those of you who might be a bit... squeamish.  But this is what it looks like if you happen to have a skin graft wrapped halfway around your leg, and you subsequently happen to bang it into... something.

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