Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say What?! Wednesday

So, I was thinking today, about the things that we sometimes say that just come out so... wrong. Not the serious things. But the funny ones. And I decided I'm gonna maybe try hosting my very own blog festival thingy... for me and all SIX of my regular readers. Yes, I know who you are. Okay. Not really. At least, not most of you.
Anyway. I have six regular readers who CONFESS their readership. For the rest of you - this is your chance to step out and participate.
In a manner similar to MckMama, I am going to begin hosting Say What?! Wednesday. The point? Well, you know those times when, with perfectly good intentions, we say exactly what we mean... only it doesn't quite come out right? Or someone else says something to you, and all you can do in response is laugh, or scratch your head in confusion? This is your chance to share those silly things, and get a good laugh. Of course, I am stepping out and taking a risk that nobody will post... in which case, I will sheepishly move this back to some previous, long-forgotten date, and try again next week. So either grab a button (on the sidebar) for your own blog, or add your own Say What?! to the comments on this post.
Anyway... here are my Say What?! moments.
The first, I confess, is sort of old. I may have even mentioned it here. But I'm saying it again. I received an e-mail requesting my assistance with a baby bird. In which the sender, who did genuinely want to help this little bird. But I'm thinking that his or her true intentions didn't quite come through...
"I've put it in a flower pot, with grass. On the trampoline."
Okay... where does one even start with that?
The second is also something someone else said. I'm not sure what, exactly, it was that they said. Because it was in a different language. Where I work, we take incoming customer service calls from business customers. We speak to a lot of people from all walks of life, and it's a lot of fun. Often times, to resolve the issue that we get called about, we need to call customer's back.
Yesterday, I had the joy of speaking to the King of Zamunda. Okay. Not really. But if you've ever seen "Coming To America" you'll know who I mean when I refer to the King of Zamunda. I talked to a guy who sounded EXACTLY like that. I held in my laughter during the entire call. But when I called him back to let him know I'd been able to fix the problem with his account, I actually had to hang up on the voicemail message because I could not quit laughing.
Seriously. I don't know what language he speaks. I just know I didn't understand a single word. Except the last word. Which probably means something serious in his language, but sounded exactly, completely, and 100% like he said "Hubba HUBBA." As in the sound that people on older television shows say when they see someone attractive. He ended his voicemail message with this. In his King of Zamunda voice. Yeah. It doesn't seem nearly so funny when I type it out.
Lastly, tonight, I went for a nice walk with my husband. I smiled at him and said "I've prayed before all of my weddings." It took a second to realize what I'd just said. What I meant was that when I photograph a wedding, I always pray first. But that's not what I said.

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