Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glancing Back... and Laughing.

So tonight I did some looking at old pictures. There are some that make me go "aww" and even a few that make me go "wow." But there were a bunch that made me laugh. I've chosen to share just a random handful of them with you. Enjoy. :)
This was a beautiful goose family. At some point between camera being down by my side and being up to my eye, they went from serene and picturesque to all-out hissy fit.

This one made me laugh not because it's hugely hilarious, but because of how posed and "phony" it looks. I promise you, they really did line themselves up like this.

I'm used to kids and even some adults making funny faces at the camera. But deer?

I'm not sure which is better - ears back and tongue out, or jaw being all crooked. But both are amusing. :)

My beloved posing for his Christmas pictures. Do you have any idea how tempted I was to just use this for our card instead of a picture of both of us?

Not only were these four swans swimming in the northern Mississippi river in January, they also lined them selves up very systematically. And just as I snapped a picture, that eagle in the background caught their attention. And I thought it was funny.

This made me laugh. These two sat on the log together, looking at each other, for quite a while. Five minutes, at least.

Remember my post about being alone in the crowd? Does anybody in this crowd seem... different somehow? Don't ask me what a domestic duck was doing hanging out with a flock of mallards, but there he or she was. And it, like the rest of these, made me laugh.

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