Sunday, December 28, 2008


This world is full of strangers. People I have never met. Will NEVER meet. People who I pass with little more than a smile of acknowledgement.

Then there are those I know intimately. My husband. My parents. My church family.

And there are those to whom I am connected through this thing called "Internet." One of these people, little Stellan, is heavy on my heart tonight. Stellan's mom and dad were told months ago that he would surely die within days. Not weeks or months, but days. My God is not a God who likes for unborn babies to die. He is a God who heals. And little Stellan was born strong and healthy.

Tonight, Stellan and his mom are at the hospital. She took him there when he turned gray and she was unable to count his heart rate. Once there, they learned his tiny, beautiful heart was beating more than 200 beats per minute (for some perspective... when I relax, my heart rate is usually about 50 beats per minute. Stellan's is beating four beats to every one of mine). He was laboring to breath, with oxygen sats down in the 80s. That is definitely not a good sign. Some scary things have been tossed around, including the possibility of RSV.

All of that to say this: God is a God of the miraculous. He healed Stellan months ago. I don't believe for a SECOND that Stellan is no longer healed. I believe that circumstances may be frightening and confusing right now, but in the end, God is still God. He is still in the healing business. His Word is still true, and it says that we WERE healed by Jesus' stripes (see 1 Peter 2:24). So, while I'd urge you to pray for this baby and his mommy tonight, do not do it in fear. Do so with faith. Because no matter what the circumstances, and no matter what we see, God has not changed.

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