Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Me Monday

"So MckMama..." is a phrase frequently uttered in our home, by myself and my husband. MckMama is one of those rare people who lets herself be seen by others. She lets us see her as she follows Christ - flaws and all.
Each week, MckMama hosts a blogfest called "Not Me Monday." Not Me Monday is, in a nutshell, a no-cost-involved self-therapy program designed for people like me. It gives those who participate full license to disclose all of those details that we usually keep carefully hidden. It also allows us (the participants) to read about all of the things that other people definitely did NOT do this past week.
So here are my "Not Me Monday's." Be sure to head on over to MckMama's Blog to check out more, that are probably more entertaining than mine could ever be.
  1. I am not once again going to attempt to be in the top five over at MckMama's blog. Because I seriously don't care about such trivial things as being in the top five. Nope. Not I.

  2. Upon arriving at the hospital for my surgery on Friday, I did not learn that a childhood friend was having surgery that same day. For a brain tumor. I did not fail to say anything kind to his dad because I was too busy trying to process this bit of news.

  3. I do not currently look to be somewhere between five and seven months pregnant. Because the post-surgical swelling is not that extreme. But if this were true, I certainly wouldn't dream up cruel tricks to play on friends and family that involved making them actually ask if I'm pregnant. Because I'm not more than a little frustrated with all of the "are you still trying" questions.

  4. In my haste to leave the hospital as quickly as possible on Friday, I did not get my finger stuck in a wheel chair between two parts of the frame. I did not sit on that same finger. And finally, that finger does not now sport a purplish knuckle and a big ol' scab. Because seriously, who gets hurt trying to sit in a wheelchair?

  5. On Tuesday of this week, I did not take the first steps to conquer a fear I've harbored for many, many years. But if I had done that, I can guarantee it would be a great feeling.

  6. I am not about to waste a bunch of time until I can get my name in to Mr. Linky. And I am not planning on posting a few pictures. Because I did NOT just realize that my camera has a USB port. Because I would never have a camera for two years and not notice that. Expecially since I use it to generate income. Nope. Not I.
    **edit**: I did not stay up until the appearnace of Mr. Linky and then neglect to actually push Submit. I'm not that absent minded.
What did you not do this week?

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