Monday, July 7, 2008


As if things weren't crazy enough...

Our passenger side seat belt is broke. Not sure if I can figure out a way to fix it or not. But that's an incidental...

The crazy thing is this:
This morning, I went to work. My plan, and everyone else's belief, was that I would go in, pick up my work release note allowing me to return to work in HR, take said note to the Occupational Health Clinic, get a quick check, and be sent on my way to work. No such luck. HR sent the note off in interdepartmental mail. No clue where it went. OH couldn't approve me to work without the note. Finally, a copy was found - stating I could return to work following my neuro exam. SO... they sent me to MY clinic, to the neurologist, to beg for a note. I waited two and a half hours, to be brought back by a nurse. Who was just as confused as me. And I am the one with a concussion. :( So, she asked a bunch of questions, did a quick exam, and sent me home to wait for her to call and advise.

Two hours after THAT, I get a call. Based on the scans, the exam, and my answers to questions, I am NOT cleared to work. One more week off. BORING. And frustrating. And totally unfair for my employer. Then, one week of four hour days, provided I am actually feeling better. More phone tag followed this news, and I'm still waiting on my supervisor to acknowledge. AGH!

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